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DYNAMO FITNESS is the best gym in Vivek vihar Jaipur. Dynamo fitness is a state-of-the-art fitness club, provides a huge range of fitness classes to our members. we are offering personal training and group workouts, with a focus on results that can be achieved in just a few short hours. We are one of the best strength training centers in Jaipur. Our goal is to provide a holistic approach to fitness, helping you to achieve your personal health and fitness goals. We offer classes for all ages and abilities, so come and join us! We are instrumental in providing the best and most effective personal training services to the youth who want to step up the game by getting knowledge of strong musculature and anaerobic fitness with personal sessions. This is the only gym that offers a complete range of bodybuilding, powerlifting, and other training programs according to your objectives. If you are looking for a place where you can exercise like a real athlete then Dynamo fitness is the place.


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Monday To Saturday

Morning Time

Bodybuilding                   5: 30 am    To     8: 00 am                by    Mr. Deep

Cardio                               5: 30 am    To    8: 00 am                  by    Ms. Khushi

Aerobics & Zumba                   5: 30 am   To     8: 00 am                    by  Ms. Jyoti

Night Time

Bodybuilding                   5: 30 pm    To     8: 00 pm                by    Mr. Jai

Cardio                                6: 30 pm    To    9: 00 pm                 by    Ms. Khushi

Bodybuilding                   8: 00 pm    To     10: 00 pm              by    Mr. Anmol


Mr. Deep
Bodybuilding Trainer
Mr. Jai
Bodybuilding Trainer
Mrs. Jyoti
Aerobics & zumba Trainer
Mrs. Khushi
Cardio Trainer


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