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DYNAMO FITNESS is one of the best gym in Vivek vihar Jaipur. We are providing a variety of cardio classes like HIIT sessions, weight training, different style routines, and toning routine. We offer a wide array of cardio classes to meet all fitness needs. The classes are offered by highly qualified instructors and they will design workouts according to the group’s ability in order to ensure that everyone achieves success and targets their personal best. We provide you with a wide range of cardiovascular machines, which is designed to provide a full body workout. Our machines are state-of-the-art, energy-efficient and sturdy.Whatever your fitness level, we’ve got a class for you. We offer the widest variety of classes to help meet all fitness levels, from those new to exercise to pros looking for a challenge. Our professionally trained instructors design workouts according to ability groups in order to ensure success and meet everyone’s fitness goals.


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Monday To Saturday

Morning Time

Bodybuilding                   5: 30 am    To     8: 00 am                by    Mr. Deep

Cardio                               5: 30 am    To    8: 00 am                  by    Ms. Khushi

Aerobics & Zumba                   5: 30 am   To     8: 00 am                    by  Ms. Jyoti

Night Time

Bodybuilding                   5: 30 pm    To     8: 00 pm                by    Mr. Jai

Cardio                                6: 30 pm    To    9: 00 pm                 by    Ms. Khushi

Bodybuilding                   8: 00 pm    To     10: 00 pm              by    Mr. Anmol


Mr. Deep
Bodybuilding Trainer
Mr. Jai
Bodybuilding Trainer
Mrs. Jyoti
Aerobics & zumba Trainer
Mrs. Khushi
Cardio Trainer


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